Sunday, March 29, 2015

Education Ruined Me!!

Its been ages..and i actually forgot that i also write..Thanks to Dubai..It made me write again.
Hi all..first of all I am really sorry for updating my blog so late..Life has changed so much now!!
The RJ Chetan you know have now move to Dubai and Handling a couple of Radio Stations here..
If you are in Dubai too lemme know :-P

I shall soon write about my Dubai life and how this city is, but today during my self introspection over a Chai (Bloody one Chai in Dubai costs 1 AED = 17 INR) i realized how so called Education Ruined my life. Its not about Trigonometry or Matrices which i never used in my life and its not even about the basic Sex Education classes which my Biology teacher skipped it all started with my Nursery Rhymes.

Yes Nursery Rhymes..Did you ever think.. every Nursery Rhyme has a hidden meaning in it. Oh ya trust me every Nursery Rhyme. Jack and Jill Went up the Hill?? What the fuck they were doing up the Hill eh? What happened over there no one knows but Jill came tumbling after..well that's what happens in every situation..jack comes first checks out the surroundings and Signals Jill to come next. (Anything Strikes??!! Ting Tiding!! ;-) ) Poor Jack it was so hard he literally had to break his crown.

And here comes on of my Favorites.. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Little?? Oh ya) How i Wonder what you are (Well now I am Wondering).. Up Above the world so High..(Hmmm:-P).. Like a Diamond in the Sky ( Oh ya Its Precious) What are you thinking about?? Dirty Brains its a neat Rhyme and i Really like it!!

But do you know guys that few rhymes really have a hidden dark meaning in them like these few i could manage to know about..

Ring a ring a roses,
A pocket full of posies
A-tish-oo, a-tish-oo
We all fall down
Well according to few theories this was a Rhyme inspired by a plague where half of the Europe was washed away and the sneezes in the rhyme supports the Theory.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.
Humpty Dumpty was real, not a person but a Canon owned by King Charles 1, During English civil war it was used to gain control over the city of Colchester, but Humpty was destroyed in the war and couldn't be repaired ever again.

Ba Baa Black Sheep, Have you any Wool?
Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full,
One for the Master, and one for the Dame, 
and one for the little boy who lives down the Lane..
But originally it ends as..."And None for the little boy who cries down the Lane"
This rhyme if known to Ashutosh gawariker would have been in Lagaan!!
Well this song was written on Taxes, in 13th century King Edward 1 introduced taxes on Shepards and this rhyme was written in the same era.

Lucy Locket lost her pocket
and Kitty Fisher found it,
not a penny was there in it,
only a ribbon around it.
An Epic Masala Bollywood Movie this is..Lucy and Kitty barmaids and prostitutes of 18th century and rivals, Lucy left her lover (The Pocket) when he had no money but Kitty finds him and takes care of him and claims that he had a ribbon around him, those days tying a ribbon around thigh was a sign and acted more like a pocket to keep money.

So now you know how every one of us were Ruined!!
Still Cheers to those beautiful childhood memories..Stay tuned for my upcoming comment and let me know what you think of this and you can connect with me on..

Stay Awesome!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh Crazy Google..!!

Thanks to Google..all these years google was helping us to find answers to many questions..
But I relaized google has been working too much and it got crazy..

Look at some of these suggestions google gave me when i was trying to find something else..

Well i always wanted to ask this question to lot kids..

Something on men..

Men Keep it fit..How about something on Women..

When aren't they Excited..Here comes one more..

Ah, Thats an intelligent question!!..Try to find out..

Heres the Killer one!!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Indian Valentines day - Holi

The time has come, my vengeance list was ready to roll, I have gathered all my resources well in time and some how also managed to get some extra pocket money from my dad this month for after play party which had some bubble drinks and a heavy meal on its menu. I was about to get out of home then suddenly i felt as if the world was going to end, felt like a series of ultra sonic waves emitted from my mothers mouth as she screamed hard to get my attention more than enough. I always feel that Indian army can win any war with my mother and her screaming skills on their side. " Are you going to spoil those new clothes, wait I am going to get some old clothes wear them and go" Damn! i was always fascinated by our movies, they always wear some designer clothes and got it drenched in colors. " I wont be the best looking guy today but still i will try my level best to impress her" I told my self and walked off as a warrior going for a war of his lifetime.

Holi is Indian Valentines day, Its a day where uncle got a chance to flirt neighboring aunt with some colors  couples openly showed their affection holding each other tight while driving in their skimpy clothes. Every guy  took his chance to flirt some Gulal on their crush who in turn made it sure that they made every masculine heart slip a beat while they run in their white Kurti which made it very sure to cover every inch of their fairy skin up close and intact amplifying the effects of curves on their body with some sprinkles of different colors on their face they looked more beautiful.My Neighbors and some Bacha parties did not leave a chance to color me first and i couldn't stop them as everything was fair in love, war and on Holi day. Love, Lust and colors were in the air and i reached our colony play ground.

Her friends saw me and tried to signal her but she was so busy in her conversation that she was not ready to get interrupted. With gulal in my hands my heart pounding i slowly charged at her from behind without her notice, She was love of my life and she knew it her eyes said she loved me equally but never dared to propose first, it was my first attempt to touch her willingly excited but also scared about her reaction. From a distance my friends stuck their eyes on me as if they were watching discovery channel where a mighty cheetah was slowly moving towards its prey deer.

I hold my breath, raised my hands up, hear hair was trying very hard to cover her beautiful face but the shiny ear ring managed to flash out, her white metal bangles made enough noise as she was deep in her conversation to suppress my foot steps. A scream just like my moms was heard when i rubbed my Gular hands on her soft milky cheeks...Happy holi..her eyes fell on me her scared expression immediately turned into a romantic one when she held my hand trying to pull me close and those shy lips whispered..Happy Holi..

Everything just started fading away..but her smile intact looking into my eyes she held me tight but everything around us started to fade and then a sharp sound in regular intervals was hitting my eardrums hard i woke up and realized it was my alarm, My old beautiful Holi memories never left me alone..but now a days Holi was just an other holiday. I miss the old Holi

Happy Holi.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Frustrated India!!

Note: This post of mine may hurt someone's sentiment. I apologize if it does. I am using my freedom of speech and this platform just to share what i feel.

Frustrated India

RIP the great soul of the lady who fought with her life till the last breath

December 29th, 8:30 AM my phone blinks showing the message sign, I am talking to a caller on my radio show and asking them how did 2012 treat them, winding up my call i play a song and check the message i received from a friend of mine and it said "The gal passed away sometime back", felt like some one very close passed away, No words to speak, little unknown pain in heart i rush towards the TV remote at my studio to get to know more details about it.

TV channels running scrolls "The Delhi Gang rape Victim Passes away" I change channels to find out more details but every channel is busy using their commercial time i thought at least our regional channels will talk about it but to my disappointment the first thing they spoke about was "Telangana Bandh". Atlast some channel finally gave me some information i needed.

Immediately after that i started writing this blog, Just after her case a series of rape cases came into news, rape/ molestation cases happen everyday just because one case came into news all other did. Its happening everyday everywhere, over here i dont want to talk about the effects i want to focus on the cause. A gal being a weaker sex is suffering but where is it all starting from, why the hell our country have become so frustrated?

Internet i would say is the viagra of our country's frustration, Porn websites have made sex a form of business and portrayed it as a simple thing which one can do with any one and just go away with it, If you had sex with a gal/guy is considered as an amusing and adult thing amongst kids, they all want to become adults as soon as possible. Social networking websites few pseudo profiles of guys acting like gals do cross talk for their gay-ism or for personal satisfaction and others think that even in the outside world gals are so easy.

Movies and commercials are other elements which is making our country more frustrated. Indo - Pak match half of the world is watching and in the commercials i see a hot woman saying life has more surprises and comes a Condom Ad WTF!!

Well i dont think even though if we stop these movies, ads and  Internet our levels of frustration comes down, we have crossed that stage. And let me say this its not only Guys but even gals are equally responsible  for this level of frustration - I dont want to elaborate on this and create a mess over here, because iam sure if i say something people would start commenting and question me on how can i say that, well i owuld say before questioning me ask yourself.

Thank you!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The making of a Rockstar

So how is monsoon treating you guys??
Human beings are Complain creatures..we cant live without summers we complaint that we want monsoons, when monsoons are on we complaint on roads, when roads are good we complaint on people..when everything is good we complaint on ourselves..Thats how we are cant complaint on any

Well coming back to my Blog.. the movie Rockstar inspires me a lot..and what an actor Ranbhir is..a class apart ( This is for all Ranbhir fans ;-) ).. There are lot of Rockstars around us..The other day i met a friend of mine and i would say she inspired me to write this blog..She works for a group of photographers..and the lead photographer is truly a Rockstar i felt..He proposes a gal , the gal ur no where equal to me in status, looks etc etc, the guy gets hurt and proves himself, the gal gets married and the guy earns more than the gal's Husband.. the gal wants to come back guy says fuck off..that was a real rockstar story.. I meet many people everyday and most of them ask me a similar question " How did you become a RJ" and i just ignore the question its a long story and i would say it sometime else..I guess its the right time of revealing my story..

SK..was her name (Dont wanna reveal her full name), a nerd who never had a gal in his life, no manners and no sense, he never had a friend who was a gal in his life..he was good in studies and nothing else..Ladies and Gentlemen thats Chetan..and then he meets SK..Silky hair, fair, angel eyes, lips as soft as petals of a pink rose..a gal every guy wished for..and u know these gals are never single and so was she..she had a hifi Boyfriend who used to take her out in all those classic cars and all and me who couldnt even afford for a two wheeler used to look at her and fantasize..

One day she sais that she is going for an Audition for a radio channel, i said i would tag along and then she made a comment " U R VOICE IS PATHETIC, LIKE A BUFFALO'S..YOU AND RJ NO WAY" i did not accept it and went to the same radio station and gave my auditions ..and HERE IAM...

Later SK came back to me..but i did not accept her..if i did may be i would have gone back to my old me, That moment when she said i was useless i was angry and i started hating her but at that moment i converted that anger and hatred to a positive energy and did something..when you are at the crossroads of life dont just sit and think which way to take..i would say take anyway it will lead u somewhere or other but just waste your time thinking which way to take...

Learned few things in life which i would share to you..In life doing only two things will grow is like a bitch..Fuck her or get fucked...At the end of the day how many dates u had is not important..did u have a good date with life and was it good..thats the end of the day how many people are happy with you and how many want you or like you is not important..are you happy with yourself..does life want you or like you is important..

Happy life it deserve it thats y you have got it..dont waste it..

Love yourself!! Cheers!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monssons and its disadvantages..

Here comes the Monsoon..The favorite season of most of them..but this season also has its own are few of them

Loss of Pay
Tik Tik...Tik Tik....Rings the alarm, the most irritating sound one can ever hear and iam sure most of us hate the sound of it..i wake up to snooze the alarm and i see that its 8:00Am, the blurred view of road from my window with splashes of rain drops on it made me say "Fuck it i wanna sleep for some more time" and shove myself in the warmth of my red blanket..ahh what a warmth it rings bloody phone and look who is calling my boss...i rub my eyes to look at the clock its 10 Am..Iam Dead..Hello..."where the hell are you, you are late for the meeting..iam stuck in traffic ma'm will be there in half hour". Jumping out of my boxers with my haggered face i rush to work and i see my HR with a welcome note of Loss of thats the first disadvantage of Monsoons lets check the next one..

Horny Birds
Gaming have evolved so much..remember those days of Mario, Contra, complicated joysticks, fat catridges well now a days its psp, super graphics, temple run and Angry Birds...Coming back to our disadvantages the next one is Horny birds which is a game of feelings..monsoon nights take us back to those old adolescent days..

The weather is so nice, I wish you were with me..
Just imagine that iam with you..hugging you tight...
Hmm what you wearing now...
You know right, why are you asking again..
I wanna listen it from you..

And the conversation continues..with a smile on the face..texting at the speed of light and desperately waiting for a reply..those old romantic nights of Monsoon where two birds are playing the game of Horny Birds.

Well i could think of these two disadvantages..hoping this monsoon will get you back again to those sweet memories

and yes...few might feel that iam dirty or pervert sometimes..but thats how everybody is few show their dark side few dont!!

Enjoy reading keep commenting!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Songs which will get Him/Her in Mooooood...

Do i sound a little cheesy?!??!

Oh ya i totally it comes my next blog on make out songs...Every guy and gal should have this never know when you can get lucky or rather where..

The best thing about music is it can raise different expressions, impressions, moods and situations..

The toughest part while on a date is to set the proper mood and music can be a great catalyst in this reaction of romance.

Here is my Top 10 list of Love Making Songs which would help you to seal the deal..and set the right mood...

10. kyu Hogaya Na - Aao Na

Well don't know if this track can trigger any action but it will totally bring em closer!!

9. Jism - Jaadu He Nasha he

A Classic Love making song for both eyes and ears

8. Rehna He Tere Dil Me - Zara Zara

This song can be played both for a guy or a gal..who ever the victim may be its sure to blow the silence

7. Murder - Bheege Hont Tere

Dont know how practical it is on the Terrace of a Multi storey Building in center of a busy street..but it can be practical with this song!!

6. Hum Dono - Abhi Na Jao Chod Ke

This can be a super situational song, just play it while she/he is leaving and it will do the needful

5. Bol - Hona Tha Pyar

This is one of my favourites, not only the lyrics, music and the whole ambiance of the song will set the mood for some romance

4. Paap - Lagi Tum se Man ki Lagan

Tere bin tarse nayan..says the song and will also make you say so

3. Jo Jeeta Wohi SIkandar - Pehla Nasha

Evergreen..just the start of the song..the keyboard tunes is enough to say and do it all

2. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai - Pee Loo

Feel the feel it all.. this song is not a starter i would say its a maincourse..

1. Fashion - Kuch Khaaas

And here comes the classic..starter, maincourse and the dessert (Creamy!! ;-) ) works all the time whatever the mood, the situtation or the place is.

I will not put this song on my blog..dont wanna litter my at your personal risk..

So here are he songs which will set the mood...

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